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This is the True OG of subscription boxes: a 90-year-old Book of the Month-type club that’s been updated for the Internet era.

I like the eclectic assortment of reads that the approach ensures, from Sarah Vowell’s humorous essays to a CIA vet’s memoirs. You signed up with Harry’s or the Dollar Shave Club, and every month a cardboard box filled with razors and other shaving materials landed on your doorstep, for a dirt-cheap price.In hindsight, it was a total no-brainer: You saved bundles of money on a daily ritual—shaving—and managed to erase those annoying trips to the drugstore from your life once and for all. No doubt we reached peak box-subscription absurdity when a startup called Washboard offered to send subscribers 20 bucks’ worth of quarters—for laundry, presumably—for the bargain price of .THE RUNNER-UP: Boxwalla .95 every 2 months; t Boxwalla offers two distinctive entertainment options: one focusing on highbrow books, the other containing two DVDs from the tony Criterion Collection.

It’s a shamelessly retro approach—who buys DVDs in an era of Netflix? And the service is all the better for it: Criterion’s mission is to preserve and restore obscure movies by introducing you to films you’ve never heard of, let alone seen.

off the top spot on its initial release, while receiving critical adulation for its beautiful visuals, its thoughtful representation of Latin culture, and themes of family and the power of music.